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My document root (suddenly and unexpectedly) changed to /htdocs from /var/www. This happened after I restarted apache2.

The only thing I changed was the httpd.conf file which now reads as follows:

<VirtualHost *>
    ServerName hostname
    UseCanonicalName ON

I've greped through the entire /etc directory looking for DocumentRoot and they all say /var/www.

I removed the 000-default from sites-enabled and replaced it with one that is named default. Changing this back doesn't appear to have an effect.

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Turns out that by adding a <VirtualHost> without a DocumentRoot it will default to the basic Apache2 DocumentRoot. Contrary to what the package (and everything else says), the source gives the DocumentRoot as /htdocs.

The solution is to add DocumentRoot: /var/www to the httpd.conf file.


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