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Is there a company that can respond to critical alerts for our EC2-based web application? Does such a service exist?

If not, is there a place where we can find individuals who are willing to do 5-10 hrs of work a month responding to issues?

Thanks. I know this is not a technical question, but I know it's a useful question for many companies and I'm not sure where else to ask.


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That is what I do for the living. The Project is called

I my work WaaS for Watching as a Service.

I started myCloudWatcher to help out my clients that wanted more help after I finished Launching the Deployment in EC2.

Now I watch Servers in several Clouds.

Call me if you have a need for a CloudWatcher

Edward M. Goldberg e.m.g.


i think can be a good place to find some freelancer or even company. but it depends on your luck, if this is really important metter - preferably sign up a deal with company providing linux consultancy services, one that you already trust.

share Inteq provides remote monitoring from simply forwarding alerts, up to actually taking care of the sites


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