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I want keep the backup of myServer data 150GB online.

so that i can run rsync everyday to keep it updated.

is there any reliable company which can provide the ftp/sftp access and have storage space around 200GB for onlinr backing up.

I don't want to use their software to backup but my linux and rsync

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Product and service recommendations are off topic per the updated FAQ. – sysadmin1138 Oct 27 '12 at 22:54 provides an rsync layer for Amazon S3.

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Is Amazon S3 available in Australia – John May 3 '10 at 3:40
@Mirage, that's something that you can find out yourself easily on the Amazon S3 website – Mark Henderson May 3 '10 at 4:26
I tried that theu say its only available for USA . i don't understand whats diff between launcing in diff countries. Can't i ftp from anywhere? – John May 3 '10 at 6:11

Rent a VPS server with a large disk partition. Then you can do what you'd like to it. is one of the cheaper ones which I'm currently using.

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