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Oooooook, so here's my problem.

I have a Mac OS X Server 10.5 to which Windows XP workstations are bound. I happened upon some errors and warnings in my log, from Userenv. Namely, error 1504, 1509.

The warning complains that some setting on the share about offline caching. I found some guides to correct this if the problem was referring to a Windows server, but since those are Samba shares, the guide of course doesn't apply.

Does anyone know what to do so that my profiles don't corrupt, and I still can use roaming profiles so that they're backed up by the server?

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  1. Native (Windows-server-based) roaming profiles are hit-and-miss. Many setups work fine, but I've also seen them implode for no apparent reason. So given that the "baseline" (using a Windows Server for storing the profile) implies some potential issues, don't immediately chalk it up to using Samba.

  2. Samba has very specific settings for the use and support of profiles. Have you had a chance to read their documentation at the official website for clues to a solution?

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No, I didn't think to take the problem from that perspective. I was stuck in my "Mac OS X Server" point of view, but this looks promising. – MrZombie May 3 '10 at 18:38
The settings covered by the second link do not answer to my problem, sadly. I'll continue to look up on the official samba site. – MrZombie May 3 '10 at 19:00

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