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Recently, our company has been having issue connecting to a special FTP server that we use offsite to upload small files. We can connect to the test server perfectly fine, but when we use the production ftp, it only randomly connects.

If I plug my laptop directly into the modem and pull one of our other static IP addresses, I can connect just fine, but if I use our internal network, it is hit or miss.

Also, turning OFF the firewall does NOT change the status of our connection problems. It will still time out.

The weird issue is that it sometimes works, and when it does, it instantly asks for credentials and logs us on for that session, but if we disconnect and try again, it may or may not work.

This also coincidentally occurred after uninstalling hamachi, and it blew away our internet settings on our Windows Server 2008 box, but everything else is working fine, and it was working fine before hamachi was installed.

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