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On one server I have a Windows service that is dependent on a Windows service on another server. Is it possible to set up a dependency like this?

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What you mean by setting up a dependency? If you have a service that relies on a service on another server then you'll have to use something to monitor the status of the service that is relied on.

Assuming service 2 relies on service 1 running on it's server. If service 2 fails when service 1 fails, then you can script a command to start service 1 and have that run when service 2 fails after 3 retries.

If service 2 doesn't necessarily fail, then you should use something like Solarwinds Application Performance Manager (expensive) or IPSentry (inexpensive) to monitor the status of service 1 and execute a start script if service 1 dies (or at the least e-mail/page you).

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What I mean by dependency is the standard Windows Service dependencies - you can set up a service to run only if another set of services is running. But maybe this isn't possible across machines. – Craig Shearer May 3 '10 at 22:51
I don't believe it is with out of the box Windows. The best I can suggest is something like IPSentry that can check if a service is running and based on that execute a script that starts another service. – David Yu May 3 '10 at 23:46

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