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Apache is currently running. Some solutions offered elsewhere on the Internet suggest typing apache -k install and then retrying apache -k restart. But if I try that, I get another error,

Only one usage of each socket is permitted.

apache -k stop gives the following error (the same as I originally got from apache -k restart),

No installed service named "Apache2"

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There is a small application Apache installs, usually displayed in the system tray from where you can restart Apache.

You can restart a service with many utilities, like sc.exe, but just using the shell, use

net stop Apache2.2-Zend && net start Apache2.2-Zend

In my case, the name of the service is Apache2.2-Zend. You can check the name in services.msc.

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First you must bring the command prompt to the bin of Apache folder on your computer, i.e my Apache folder is in directory C:\Apache24\. I used command cd C:\Apache24\bin and then used command httpd -k restart to restart the Apache service.

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I found another way. Using the Windows GUI, I selected Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Services. I then searched for Apache in the running services. I did not find it. I found one called sugarApache however. I was able to restart the sugarApache using the 'Services' GUI.

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