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Is there a good manual for the Windows Performance tool?

I want to find something I can read to describe what the data means that it is collecting.

I have output from Perfmon that shows that I have a process using more then 100% of the CPU. I don't know how that is possible.

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There is a chapter or two in the Windows Resource Kit that covers performance monitor that I've always found helpful. In addition, the blog of the performance team has been a good resource. The blog address is: and you can find more information about the resource kit at (Even though this is a server reource kit, much of the information will still apply)

In particular, I believe what you are seeing is that %Process Time counter under the Process object shows a SUM of all CPUs on the machine, which can result in values over 100%. The %Process Time counter under the Proccesor object shows the AVE across all CPUs.

Thanks, Mark

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