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I'm in the beginning stages of migrating from an internal exchange server (2003) to external hosted services. We don't have a huge user base, less than 100, but we need to support BlackBerries, iPhones, Outlook RPC/HTTP, etc.

I really like exchange hosted providers (I've used intermedia in the past) but pricing is a bit high.

Does anyone have any experience with Kerio? It looks great, but I'd like to hear some unbiased opinions. Or biased if you are really happy working for a particular hosting company ;-)


I don't need any special compliance or reporting. I'm just looking for the basics of hosted email.

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I use Kerio hosting from for our company, all of us travel 24/7 and they have never failed us in 2 years. There price seems fair at $5 month paid yearly, and we have a mix of mobile devices Iphone, android and 2 Blackberry's.

Take a look

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Have you looked at Microsoft themselves? Their hosted Exchange is something stupid like $4 a month/user.

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+1, Microsoft's solution comes with 25GB/mailbox vs Rackspace 2GB/Mailbox for $5/month. Seems to good to be true, I wonder how their support is – iainlbc May 5 '10 at 19:30
Funny you should mention support. Heard from a friend that has several hundred mailboxes on MSonline that support is just about nonexistent. – Dayton Brown May 7 '10 at 0:41

I use Rackspace Hosted Exchange for 2 (very) small clients and its fantastic. One of the clients uses blackberry's and hasn't had any problems, even while traveling in HongKong.

It is $10 per user/month. Not sure if that's best price you are going to find but considering how dependent business is on email the cost is justifiable.

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