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Any idea why I'm getting these errors when running:

yum update

I've never had a problem with that command in the past.

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Can you download an rpm from somewhere or scp it to that box and install. Are you able to do that? And also, you do have enough disk-space, right? – Nikolas Sakic Jun 20 '10 at 18:02

I am going to make some wild guesses, since i do not know anything about your system. Maybe it will help you troubleshoot, however, if you look for yum and cpio on Google, there are some threads discussing similar issues.

a) Corrupted glibc libraries

b) I possibility of filesystem corruption.

c) File system full

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This usually happens when a package contains one type of file (normal, directory, symlink, etc.), but the file in the filesystem is of a different type. You can try using yum shell in order to remove the existing packages and install the new ones, instead of upgrading the packages in-place:

# yum shell
> remove somepackages
> install somepackages
> run
> exit
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