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I am running nfs-kernel-server to access my files on my linux machine(ubuntu - /share). The disk I have been using is full. So I have added a new disk and mounted it to /share/data. My other pc mounts the /share folder to /mnt/nfs; but cannot see the contents of /mnt/nfs/data. I have tried adding /share/data to /etc/exports, but it did not help. What do I do?

PS: I am looking for another solution than explicitly mounting /share/data on the second drive.

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NFSv4 supports nested mounts as you described, you can switch to it, but there are some issues. Otherwise, you must explicitly mount /share/data on each client.

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You can use the nohide export option, but it has caveats. Read the exports(5) man page for more details.

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