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We have an IIS site (MOSS 2007) that uses Windows Authentication. When a user that has forgotten their password tries to login the servers keeps sending 401 requests. This means on IE the user gets three prompts before IE displays a blank page, on Firefox the user is prompted over and over until they give up.

We would like to change the behavior so if a user fails to login three times in a row we send them a redirect to a different site, instead of another 401

Forms authentication is not an option; the site has to remain on windows authentication to allow for SSO capabilities and certain sharepoint functions.

Is there any way to tweak the IIS behavior to do this?

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We managed to figure this out.

In IIS 7.0 the following changes need to be made to get custom HTML error pages to display:

Add the following to the Applications web.config after

   <httpErrors errorMode="Custom" existingResponse="Auto" >

Then run the command "appcmd unlock config -section:httpErrors" to stop IIS giving a 500 error from these changes

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If you look in the IIS site options, you should find a tab with the list of the default pages that IIS sends to web browser; take a look at

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