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We have a SQL Server transactionally pushing replicate data to an MSDE 2000 SP3a subscriber over ISDN. Prior to a recent upgrade to bring us to the MSDE 2000 level we pushed to MSDE 1.

We are finding that there is now a 5 minute keepalive being instigated from MSDE 2000 which we cannot account for. Further, we can find no way to either disable it or lengthen the keepalive interval. Not surprisingly, we are finding a marked increase in ISDN line costs due to these previously non-existent keepalive packets!

Please note that we are assuming that it is an MSDE 2000 server issue, but it could equally be some behaviour related to the way that replication is operating on MSDE 2000. Unfortunately, as yet, we have not identified a replication configuration parameter that affects the keepalive in any way.

Can anyone advise how we might indentify a root cause for this problem (and ideally a fix)?

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