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I have some severs I manage VIA Remote Desktop. They do not listen on port 3389. I can connect with out issue doing IP:PORT.

I now manage so many I'm trying to use the Remote Desktop snap-in for the management console. But it will not let you enter a colon in the host name.

Is there another way to specify the port?

Here is link to the snap-in.


I'm using XP... yeah I know I'm behind.

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I tried both Royal TS and Terminals. I like Terminals better. But joeqwerty's answer is the most, correct you can't do it with the snap-in. – NitroxDM May 8 '10 at 19:09
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You can't do it with the snap-in, but as others have suggested you can use a third party program to do it. I use RoyalTS myself.

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Not sure if it is an option for you but it allows ports in the windows 7 adminpak Link

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I dont know whether you wan to stick to the standard mmc, you might find useful Terminals, which will allow you to connect to many servers and save the configuration.

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