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I have written a service designed to run under daemontools supervise.

Because the run script refreshes a source code repository:

   git pull
   pod_server  # serve up docs on source code via the web

I desire for the script to restart every 5 minutes.

The manpage for svc says that it applies all options to the service, so I thought this would work in cron:

*/5 * * * * svc -du etc/pod_server

but it does not seem to be refreshing to source code repo with new pushes

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It's been a while since I used daemontools, but try separating the -d and -u (svc -d ... ; sleep 5 ; svc -u ...).

Also note that if the daemon your service doesn't respect the TERM signal (what -d sends by default) you can try svc -k to send KILL instead. If I remember right the supervise daemon will then see that the service is down and restart it on its own.

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