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In my part time position as entire IT department at my Office ( I'm a MCSD developer normally ) I have been asked to change a shared folder.

Only I don't really understand all the Shared / Security options.

I have a folder that must be accessed by 2 people in the company (and no one else). They both must have read/write/edit and change access.

They must be able to read/write/edit each others files; existing or newly created.

Should be easy but I'm a bit overwhelemd by all the choices.

What should I set?

Thanks for your help richard

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There are two aspects to address: the share permissions, and the NTFS permissions. You need to provide the applicable users/group permissions in both.

Right-click the folder/s in question, properties, in the sharing tab "share this folder". Then:

  1. Permissions: add user/group and give change/read.
  2. Then go to security tab and add group or user and check Modify permissions. That will select all necessary sub-permissions.

OK your way out and you're done.

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Thanks for this. Has a bit of a struggle with the inherited permissions but your advice essentially did it. – Richard210363 Mar 22 '10 at 1:26

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