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I'm trying to build "expect" from source v5.43, using Tcl built from source v8.5.8 on Redhat Linux. Tcl built fine, but my attempt to build expect fails. I run configure, then make, which gives me the error: `TCL_REG_BOSONLY' undeclared when compiling exp_inter.c. I did some digging around, and found the TCL_REG_BOSONLY value defined in Tcl file tclInt.h, but there is no #include for that in the exp_inter.c file.

My question is, can "expect" be built from source with Tcl version 8.5.8, or does it require an earlier version? Version 5.43 is the latest for "expect" that I can find, and the current Tcl version is 8.5.8, but something doesn't seem compatible between the two.

Any help appreciated.

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Did you run ldconfig to relink the libraries after installing tcl? It looks like expect isn't finding required libraries. Do you see any errors when running configure? Have all dependencies met?

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Thanks for the reply. I tried running ldconfig. No errors from configure, which I ran w/ the --with-tcl and --with-tclinclud options to id the Tcl directories. I found on this issue, suggesting TCL_REG_BOSONLY definition was moved from tcl.h to tclInt.h, which does include it in the source I have. The exp_inter.c file from expect source doesn't include tclInt.h though, but does include tcl.h. So, I'm wondering about version compatibility. I tried adding include tclInt.h to exp_inter.c, and make no longer gets the error, but now gets others. – E Brown May 7 '10 at 13:09
The other errors make gets now are undefined references to Tcl_CloseObjCmd and Tcl_ReturnObjCmd in exp_command.o. These are both defined in the tclInt.h file, which is included in exp_command.c. – E Brown May 7 '10 at 13:42
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Ok, I downloaded a newer version (v5.44.1.15) of expect from My original download was from the official expect website at, which is apparantly very outdated. Anyway, the newer version built fine.

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