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I have my WHS/Win 7 laptop configured to do automatic backups through the connector. The backups run just fine every night. I put my computer in hibernate when I go to bed, it wakes and runs the backups, but then it doesn't go back into hibernate or shutdown. I'd like to be able to force it to shutdown after the backups are completed. I don't see a scheduled task in the system for the WHS backups. Any idea how I can get my laptop to shutdown after the backups are complete?


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Please see my answer to this question. It offers an alternative solution to the rediculous 'turn on to backup' design of WHS.

  • Basically i wrote a script to manually run a backup and then sleep.
  • I activate it when I go to bed.
  • None of this complete utter nonsense of waking up my machine, or burning the house down.
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I created a scheduled task on the client to shutdown if the computer is idle for more than an hour. It executes C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe with the argument /s. I'm using the Events that WHS creates to trigger my task.


Trigger Settings:
Begin the task: On an event
Log: Application
Source: HomeServer
EventId: 769
Delay Task for: 30 minutes


Start the task only if it is idle for: 30 minutes
Wait for idle: do not wait
Stop if the computer ceases to be idle (checked)
REstart if the idle resumes (checked)
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why would you do this and not just enable power management features? – Simon Sep 15 '10 at 16:19

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