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I have on my home Windows box - Cassini server with localhost:10000. And I want it be accessible in internet by my static IP.

Tried netcat, "nc -l -p 10001 localhost 10000". But it results in "invalid connection to [IP] from [IP] 16074"

Also before that it was working on Opera Unite properly, but now only writes a message: "An error occured. See error log for details". I dont know where to get that log.

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nc -l -p 10001 localhost 10000

Every machine in the world thinks that it is named "localhost". That command won't work when you're not on the machine running the server on port 10000.

To access it from other LAN machines you need to replace localhost with the server's internal IP address. To access it from outside your LAN (outside the firewall) you'll need to configure your firewall with a rule for that port to forward it to the internal server IP. Then you'll access it by replacing localhost with the firewall's external IP address.

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