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I've just upgraded to last version (2.9.1) from kinda late version (2.2.1). After the upgrade I've realized that you cannot access wordpress from my .com domain, however it is possible via other subdomain!

db-he.110mb.com works fine while http://www.db-he.com doesn't.

That both redirect to the same server, and configurations are fine. However you cannot surf index.php (which is wordpress').

www.db-he.com/index.php is doing a permanent redirect to www.db-he.com/index.php for some reason.

Problem is with wordpress only. All other files works fine. For example, changes.txt can be accessed from both links: www.db-he.com/changes.txt db-he.110mb.com/changes.txt

For some reason, it seems more a server problem than a wordpress problem. What can I do?

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