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I'm working on an open source project that will manage active directory users. I am looking for feedback from Windows/Active Directory Admins on the formats of usernames they prefer or their organization uses. I want to make sure the software allows admins to use the most popular formats when new users are created. Here is the list I have so far:

 1. <firstname><lastname>
 2. <lastname><firstname>
 3. <lastname><firstinitial>
 4. <lastname><firstinitial><middleinitial>
 5. <firstinitial><lastname>
 6. <firstinitial><middleinitial><lastname>
 7. <firstname><lastinitial>

In addition how do you handle multiple identical names? So if two John Smith's exist do you append a numeric number, or interject a middle initial or name to solve the problem?

Thanks for the feedback

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What do you mean by manage? I really don't understand what you are asking here. Can you elaborate? –  Zoredache May 10 '10 at 3:06
Yea, its pretty simple, maybe its not clear. When you create new users in active directory today what is the username format you use and why? If the software I have allows you to create new users automatically through simple name input fields obviously you would want it to follow your naming convention. –  Brent Pabst May 10 '10 at 5:27

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We went a different direction with this question. We ended up building dynamic elements that allow for any combination of the user's name to be used as a username. However the formats above do appear to be the most used.


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