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I have a Mediatemple dv (Plesk) server with two domains, each has static IP.

I had domain1 as main domain and domain2 as secondary.

When A PHP script from domain2 sends email the headers show the IP address of domain1 as the origin. Received: from ( [70.ipof domain1]).

I want only domain2 to be mentioned so I did the following:

Changed server name to made the primary domain (about 30 hours ago) made fixed IP address of the default address for the server.

Still when the script sends emails I see the same info as above in the header.

What do I need to do to make the email origin

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reset hostname, reset php and mail server. Actually you can reset everything related to web services, if that doesn't help then grep /etc for domain1 and wipe it, then reset again.

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Needed to define reverse DNS

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Check this out:

Also verify the sendmail_path in the php.ini, and then check the sendmail executable's config file too.

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