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I'm emerging udev and it complains it couldn't find the kernel sources under /usr/src/linux (there's nothing inside /usr/src/ indeed). As a result, it tries to take the version from the currently running kernel and messes up thinking it's an older version than what it needs (when it actually isn't).

So where are the sources so that I can properly link to them? And could I have done something wrong for them not to be in the right place?

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Have you tried asking Rackspace support? – Ben Pilbrow May 9 '10 at 23:28
-1, Vote to close - too localized. This is not a general server question but one VERY specific to a specific ISP and should be handled with their support as per site policies. – TomTom Jan 10 '11 at 6:00

Is this on Rackspace Cloud? I've had a similar issue on Slicehost and although, as far as I know, the sources for the actual kernel being run aren't available (well, at least not through Portage), I was able to just emerge the latest version of gentoo-sources and that was enough to allow the package to be installed.

Ben's comment is right, though, this would be a better issue to take up on the forums or with the support team.

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Just install one of the kernels which are in portage. Out of the kernels provided in sys-kernel I'd take sys-kernel/vanilla-sources since you don't really want to run that kernel but only provide the sources.

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Check what kernel that you're using (uname -a) and if it's a Gentoo kernel, do what joschi said but merge gentoo-sources.

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If you’re running or newer, the Slicehost/Rackspace Cloud kernel source code — they use the same kernels — is available from Slicehost’s website.

See Slicehost’s kernel source article for the link and more information. (I’d link to the download site directly, but I don’t have the reputation yet. Someone feel free to edit it in.)

You didn’t do anything wrong — it’s not installed by default.

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