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I've been searching the internet for a while for this answer.

I have a bunch of computers that are part of a small business server domain and would like to be able to connect to each one individually with remote desktop connection using a subdomain, like:


I can currently connect to the server easily using an A record with the subdomain pointing to the static IP address with, so would also be cool.


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Which version of SBS is this? 2003? 2008? SBS 2008 has a great built-in TS Gateway and web interface, (where is your external FQDN), which has everything built in. It gives you a list of all the applicable machines on the network, and off you go.

alt text

If you don't have a TS gateway, then you will need to have a public IP address for each and every computer on your network, and forward the ports appropriately.

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Its SBS 2003. Thanks for your reply. – Mark May 10 '10 at 1:17
Yup, the feature is called Remote Web Workplace and has been around since at least SBS 2003. Works great and more secure than opening up a pile of ports for each machine and RDP. Check out the SBS Blog post on how it all works: – gravyface May 10 '10 at 1:17

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