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Hey, I'm trying to make a script run every time NetworkManager (or whatever, but that's what I'm talking to right now) connects to a network (or changes networks).

What I really want is, metaphorically, an init directory that fires everything inside of it whenever my wifi interface changes state/essid. Or a "network status changed" runlevel. Or something.

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You didn't say what distribution you're using, but on Debian derivatives (Ubuntu, etc.) you can specify scripts to be called at various points in the setup/teardown of an interface in its config stanza in /etc/network/interfaces. You can specify scripts to be called at each of these points:

  • pre-up
  • up
  • post-up
  • down
  • pre-down
  • post-down

You can also drop scripts into the directories named /etc/network/if-<stage>.d.

For more details, see man 5 interfaces.

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NetworkManager has a script triggers directory called /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/. Do man NetworkManager to see how to use it.

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Aside from the above suggestions, you could also set up an Upstart script that ran on the event wherein your network comes up.

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