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On my PC I am currently running Fedora 12. I would like to convert that and the filesystem to a Virtual Machine, so that I can install Windows 7 as the main operating system and have this Fedora 12 as a VM in VMWare or VirtualBox or some such Desktop Virtualization system.

Is this possible and how if yes, how?

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It isn't possible with VMWare Workstation 7 on a Linux host, but it is possible (using File->Import) on a Windows host. The application that does the work is called VMWare Converter and it is available as a separate download. Options include:

  • Import a remote machine
  • Import a dual boot system source

Chapter 6 in the Workstation User's Manual explains the options.

Workstation 7 is licensed for either Windows or Linux, so you should be able to move your license to Windows without additional cost, as long as you have Workstation 7.

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easiest thing to do is to simply set up the VM, start it up with a liveCD attached, and use dd over netcat from the physical source host into the VM

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I would suggest using the live CD version Clonezilla to save your Linux image off and then restore as a VM.

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