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I ordered a Master WHM account with the couple CentOS / cPanel. whm-cpanel.eu.pn

The installation is a fresh update of the basic services was necessary (had: WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.17.0 WHM X v3.1.0, Apache 1.3.37, PHP 4.4.7, MySQL 4.1.22).

1 / I started to update cPanel / WHM via the command: / scripts / upcp. Everything went well until the middle of installing the server stopped responding (or ping, or ssh). The installation appears to have continued alone to the end and after some time everything is back to normal (I do not know if there was a reboot) and my interface was updated (cPanel 11.24.4-R36167 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9).

2 / Then I updated via the MySQL interface tweak this in WHM then the command: / scripts / mysqlup. Here everything went fine, no problem.

3 / Finally, I wanted to upgrade Apache 2.2 / PHP 5 and I used this command: / scripts / easyapache. After selecting all the packages and modules installation is started but the same as for point 1: the server did not answer more and this time the installation did not go through. Apache 2.2 is well spent (after the second try) but PHP has remained at 4.

I tried several times the same operation without success. I do not think this is a memory problem, a free-m shortly before losing communications gave nothing alarming. By cons CPU time seemed to rise up. I reinstalled the machine again the trick, same problem! Whether via the WHM interface or by Shell, the installation stops short, for 15 minutes the machine is not responding and then everything returns to normal, but no update is done in PHP.

Is there a known bug in this version of cPanel / WHM? Someone he met the same problem? If I compile Apache / PHP manually, without using the script easyapache is what I might encounter problems with cPanel later?

Thank you!

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Try to install cpanel on a virgin CentOS 5.3. Enable quotas in fstab, remount the partition and run: wget layer1.cpanel.net/latest chmod + x latest sh latest It's head, but normally that's it. I installed for a client four months ago and I did everything by hand is not very complicated whm-cpanel.eu.pn

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