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Hot to fix corruption of taskbar (multiple language panels) in Terminal Services in Win2003? I know how to close many language panels and then check one. How to disable occurrence multiple language panels after log-in terminal session ?

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+1 I have the same problem too – eu-ge-ne May 28 '09 at 19:46

Try this hotfix from Microsoft for "Language bar is displayed two or more times on the taskbar"

You can also try disabling it with these: eggheadcafe or technet articles.

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Click on the task bar - Toolbars - click one of the many checked "Language Bar" entries. Now you have one language bar less. Repeat this process until they are all gone

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If you don't need the language bar at all, you can use the following to rack it off completely:

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel Regional and Language
  3. Options Select Languages Tab, click Details
  4. In 'Text Services and Input Languages' click Advanced Tab
  5. Place a check mark in 'Turn off Advanced Text Services'

This should disable the language bar completely.

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