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Can I see what a process was started on windows XP? I don't see it as column in task manager, there another way?

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Is this elapsed time in the performance counters it? 400 mean 400 seconds? – Kyle Brandt May 10 '10 at 18:52
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Try this on the command line.

wmic process get caption,creationdate

Refer to Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line

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Hmmm... command line ... How did you know that was just what I wanted? :-) – Kyle Brandt May 10 '10 at 19:08

Using Microsoft/SysInternals Process Explorer, which is a much more full-featured process manager, you can add a Process Start Time column to the basic process list to see the time each process started.

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I'm sure heavyd's answer is probably right. But after I asked I found 'Elapsed Time' under the process counter for the particular process in perfmon. The 'Explain' says:

"The total elapsed time, in seconds, that this process has been running."

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