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I am having difficulty on our ubuntu server whereby I have an SSH user that when I create files using this user the ownership is web_user:www-data

The problem is when a file is uploaded or created using a content management system like joomla. When files are uploaded through Joomla - such as components / modules...

The ownership is set to www-data:www-data

This means that I need to then chown all new files to web_user:www-data so we can edit the files.

Is there a way to set for a directory and sub-directories that all new files created have the ownership of web_user:www-data?

Do I need to use something like setuid or setgid?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That's because php is running as that user. Try suphp

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Instead of changing the ownership, does Joomla have a way to set permissions on files? If so, a permission level of 664 should allow you, or anyone in the www-data group to edit the file.

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