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[Note: Tried to post this over at ServerFault, but I don't have enough 'points' for more than one link. Powers that be, move this question over there.]

Please give this a quick read and let me know if I'm missing something before I start trying to make this work. I'm not a systems admin professional, and I'd hate to end up banging my head into the wall if I can avoid it.


  • Create a 'road-warrior' capable star shaped virtual LAN for consultants who spend the majority of their time on client sites, and who's firm has no physical network or servers.
  • Enable CIFS access to a cloud-server based installation of Alfresco
  • Allow Eventual implementation of some form of single-sign-on ( OpenLDAP server ) access to Alfresco and other server applications implemented in the future


  • All Servers will live in the public internet cloud (Rackspace Cloud Servers)
  • OpenVPN Server will be a Linux disto, probably Ubuntu 9.x, installed on same server as Alfresco (at least to start)
  • Staff will access server applications and resources from client sites, hotels, trains, planes, coffee shops or their homes over various ISP, using their company laptops or personal home desktops.

Based on my Research thus far, to accomplish this, I'll need:

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That sounds perfectly fine to me =)

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