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I have a new server that is replacing a current windows 2008 server r2. I want to move all the local users and IIS sites to the new box. Is there away to export the two and import them on the new box? I have sync'd all the files for all the sites to the new box. This box doesn't belong to a domain so its not a matter of joining to the domain. The users I'm talking about are the local computer users.

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Impossible. Local users are scritable, but not with the passwords (I.e. you can not export the passwords - part of basic computer security).

;) Time to:

  • Tink about virtualization and

  • think abou the benefits of a domain.

But seriously, you can just export all users and groups with some script in powershell - not that complicated and the powerscipt library has some place to get you started. has a user export script, actually ;)

IIS sites are more tricky - unless you use... WebDeploy ( which can be used to copy IIS settings easily ;)

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Windows does have an addusers command ( ) that might solve half your problem. It takes a CSV text file of users and adds them to either the computer or the domain.

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