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I have implemented rate limiting with Nginx (which works excellently, by the way) and would like to display a custom 503 error page.

I have followed examples on the web without luck.

I am running a simple configuration that looks something like this:

listen x.x.x.x:80
root /usr/local/www/;
error_page 503 /503.html;

location / {
  limit_req zone=default burst=5 nodelay;
  proxy_pass http://mybackend;

The idea is that our rate limited users would be shown a special page explaining what was going on. The rate limiting is working, but the built-in 503 page is rendering.

Any ideas?

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location = /503.html {
  root /path/to/the/page;
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Thanks! That was it! – Michael Gorsuch May 12 '10 at 19:02

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