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I've got an application I wrote (with cakephp) for the lamp stack and I'm moving it to a windows server. I'm having a lot of trouble with apache for windows (memory and cpu issues) so I would like to use the existing installation of IIS v6 but it seems to lack any url rewriting ability. I have found expensive addins (isapi) but I don't know enough about IIS or the programs around it to know if any are a good idea.

What works and has simple or compatible to mod_rewrite rules that is hopefully free?

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If you will need more control over the process, or simply want to learn more, check also these links:

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You can check the doc for IIRF online. And yes, IIRF is free. – Cheeso Jul 15 '09 at 11:43

There's an open source project on codeplex called Ionics Isapi Rewrite Filter which is free to use. It's compatible with IIS 6 as well.

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Fastream IQProxy is the best soultion with II6s without Apache . Since isapi is no longer packaged with PHP in PHP and replaced with fastcgi

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