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I purchased a new server with a few ip's so I modified the /etc/network/interfaces file recently so that my ip's can go live. While editing that file I created a backup and deleted the original file. I recreated the interfaces file using the touch command and gave +x permissions but now, when trying to restart the interface (/etc/network/interfaces restart) I get all sorts of errors:

/etc/network/interfaces: line 10: iface: command not found
/etc/network/interfaces: line 11: address: command not found
/etc/network/interfaces: line 12: netmask: command not found
/etc/network/interfaces: line 13: auto: command not found

Can any1 point what I forgot to do?


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The command is /etc/init.d/networking restart. The interfaces file is a configuration file (and doesn’t need to be executable).

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