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I want to use nmap in such a way that I could check bunch of server's port at once for checking whether their particular port is open or not? right now I have 10 ip addresses but in future this could be more . I know the very basic command in linux like cat/nano/piping but I don't know how can I feed to nmap the list of my servers to open them one by one and return the result.

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Say you have a file named "server_ips" with the IPs listed as such:

Then you could do the following:

$ cat server_ips | xargs nmap <nmap_options>
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You can also use the -iL <inputfilename> option which accepts a file containing one IP/hostname/netblock per line. – jah Mar 8 '11 at 23:35

Write a target list of IPs or domains in a file, then

nmap -iL targetfile 

This way nmap will take care of optimization and performance.

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