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By default one user can open only one simultaneous connection on IIS6, how to increase this number? I do not find any option in IIS6 for this.

Regards, Tomas

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IIS doesn't limit the number of users, but the apps it runs might. Which application framework?

I've noticed ASP and possibly ASP.Net behave that way when you're using Sessions - if you disable ASP's session support, you can create multiple requests to the same page, unserialized.

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As far as I know there is no such limit in IIS - the limit is on the browser side. For example, IE7 and Firefox 2 (by default) limit you to 2 simultaneous connections, IE8 and Firefox 3 to 6 simultaneous.

If you are seeing a limit of 1, then this was probably customized at some point. See this Microsoft KB article about IE, and this setting for Firefox.

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