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I have a half dozen front-end servers all running IIS 6.0-based/hosted applications. (primary .NET 2.0 web apps.) Basically, I'd like to take some basic performance data from each one, through such into a spreadsheet, and compare. CPU load, RAM load, whatever...

If anyone can point out a very simple/stupid "here's how you do that" type of tutorial, that would be wonderful.

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Take a look at TechNet Webcast: IIS 6.0 Performance and Tuning - Level 200 and TechNet Virtual Lab: IIS 6.0 Performance Tuning

I think that's about as close to simple you are going to get for a relatively complex subject.

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Check Performance Monitor (Perfmon) Counters for IIS - 2 and Performance Monitor (Perfmon) Counters for IIS - 3. It gives you enough information on how you setup Performance Monitor for the different counters and then use different tools to analyze the logs.

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Take a look at Pal, it's not so much a tutorial on setting up perfmon, but more a tool for analysis of what comes out. It does offer guidance on what counters are most relevant for IIS, SQL, Exchange, etc.

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