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We have web development company, We using RHEL 5 as local (proxy) server with few windows XP client machines.

Now i want to make my Server machine as Web Server ( LAN only ), with mysql and phpMyAdmin.

I installed httpd,php,mysql by yum. How to install phpMyAdmin ? And Where i want to installl ?

Now i want to make my client machines can create php files in web folder, Also use mysql and phpMyAdmin.

How can i do it ? Give me clear steps to do it .

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phpMyAdmin is in Debian repository. Isn't it also in RHEL? I prefer installation from repository, not from tar.gz, because otherwise you have to manually install it again and again with new release.

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Download phpMyAdmin from, create a virtual host for phpMyAdmin on your server or simply create a phpMyAdmin folder in your DocumentRoot directory. Extract the files into the new directory phpMyAdmin directory and modify the config.php file as needed.

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