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I thought this was PHP related when I started out, but maybe it isn't. My original post, which may be irrelevant now is located at the bottom. I think it should be ignored.

The problem is I have a directory : /articles/. In it are 10 sub directories. I have been changing the permissions lately, but now it seems all the permissions of the parent folder, sub-folders and files are either chmod 755 or 777.

I cannot move, delete or edit files inside of this parent directory or sub-directories with my FTP-client. I can however edit, delete, create new files and directories and change them with PHP-functions without problems.

What may the problem be?

EDIT 3: My hosting company fixed the problem and said it was because of permissions + ownership. I checked these things as thoroughly as I could, so it makes no sense to me, but I suppose they are right.

OLD POST. Ignore everything below this line:

If I create a directory with mkdir(), or create a file with fopen(), file_put_contents() or SimpleXMLElement::asXML(), I am unable to access the file with my FTP-client or c-Panel File Manager. If I try to delete or edit them, I get errors. Dreamweaver suggests it is a permission problem or a network or filesystem fault (but I've set the permissions with chmod() to 0777, and when I check the cPanel, it confirms chmod 777. I also tried to use fileowner() and the function returns int(99), the same owner as those files that I could access with my FTP-client. It seems files and directories created with PHP can only be modified or be deleted with PHP. I thought this must be a server setup related issue, so I write it here. I am on a shared server, and I have no idea about setting up servers. EDIT: It seems the problem is different. I cannot move files with FTP-client to the parent, or sub-directories either. This problem may not be PHP related, then. It seems the problem applies to any directory, regardless of whether it was created by PHP. EDIT 2: The parent directory has chmod 755.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards

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Does directory containing these files also have appropriate permissions? I'd imagine that you'd have checked that already, but can't tell specifically how far you've gone with testing from your post.

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Written an update. It seems the problem may not be related to PHP at all.M – user43053 May 13 '10 at 20:21

Perhaps your FTP configuration is set to have that directory (or the user that you're accessing from) set as read-only?

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