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Anyone come across a good template/symbol pack for Visio for doing network wiring, patching, switch topologies, etc.? Everything in Visio for networking is 3D, and isn't really conducive to cabling.

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Cisco has some good ones. They do look 3Dish though, but maybe you'll find some uses for them.

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I've used these they are pretty nice – iainlbc May 13 '10 at 18:21

I know it's hokey looking, but I just drew boxes for the switches, and used the most basic connectors for wiring. It's ugly looking, but it's very easy to read and update.

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If you haven't looked there yet, try VisioCafe ( )

There are many vendor stencil packs and/or links to a vendor's actual stencil to download and you may find some stencils you like.

"Netzoom" / altimatech ( ) has some free (and for-pay) stencil packs including Siemons network stencils that some members of our network team used to be after our boss to purchase.

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