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I want to run a Tomcat application through a regular website URL, such as I would like the root of this domain to act as the base directory for the web application, so each request to becomes Ideally, I would be able to do this transparently and only for certain webapps. should still respond to requests.

What do I need to do to make this happen?

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ProxyPass        /
ProxyPassReverse /

Read more about mod_proxy

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this is the best solution to do this – Mike May 15 '10 at 12:33
To address the "only for certain webapps" side, just make the redirect path deeper. So: ProxyPass /a/b/c ProxyPassReverse /a/b/c To proxy all except certain paths, leave the ProxyPassReverse line but replace the ProxyPass lines with RewriteRules (making sure to use the [P] option to proxy rather than redirect), and make earlier rules to not proxy those paths. RewriteRule /notproxied - [L] RewriteRule /(.*)$1 [P] ProxyPassReverse / – Jeremy M Jul 14 '10 at 17:39

A simpler method for doing this is to just add a Virtual Host entry in your Apache conf file. Usually located in /etc/httpd/conf, add something like this at the end of the Virtual Host section:

<VirtualHost X.X.X.X:80>
Redirect permanent /

Restart your Apache service and you are done.

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You can use mod_rewrite in Apache to do this. Load mod_rewrite in your Apache and in your vhost add the following rule:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1

This should do the magic.

More info about mod_rewrite here.

EDIT: In order to keep the site name in the browsers, use mod_proxy as well by just appending a [P] at the end of the RewriteRule:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1 [P]

This will force Apache to act as a proxy for that URL instead of just rewriting the URL.

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This causes the browser to actually redirect. This works, but I would prefer if the site appeared as from the user's side. – Stefan Kendall May 14 '10 at 15:28
use mod_proxy as well, and in the end of the RewriteRule append a [P], like this: RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1 [P]. I've also edited the answer above to include this info. – Marco Ramos May 14 '10 at 15:56

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