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Need help on setting up firewall router. My config is as below:

Public static network ID: x.x.x.48/28 gateway: x.x.x.49 available IP for the hosts: x.x.x.52 to 62

gw_eth0 <--> fw_eth0 - fw_eth1 <--> dmz_switch

Four servers are connected on dmz_switch (say s1, s2, s3, s4) all have to use public static IP address from the above block.

Any recommendation on IP assignment and route setup? Do I need to subnet the above block further or simply use /32 netmask and point-to-point static routes in the above setup?

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Usually you set up a non-routable network in DMZ (say, assign an IP address to each host in that network and establish a full NAT between public IP addresses and DMZ addresses in the firewall configuration.

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Yes, or setup the firewall in transparent mode if possible. – radius May 18 '10 at 8:41

How many devices are in the above picture, and what kind of devices? Here is a private scheme, one of which matches your public scheme

Network           Net Broadcast     CIDR Mask              UsableHosts      28   14       28   14       28   14       28   14

Here is the /28 in two parts

Network           Net Broadcast     CIDR Mask              UsableHosts      29   6      29   6

Without more info...

The above tables generated from My Subnet Planner

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