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One of the clients that I maintain requests a website redesign, we do all the work in a subfolder /newsite/ and they intend to make it live this instant. The /newsite/ is made in wordpress and from my understanding WP keeps all the URL's as they were initially created. Would it be easier to just create the new root dir at /newsite/ or move all contents of the root to /oldsite/ and move /newsite/ to the root?

Please advise the best route, i.e. mod_rewrite.

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If i understood well, why cannot you just change the documentroot?

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Good idea, however I do not have access to the apache config file, as it is not hosted under myself. – Austin May 17 '10 at 13:48
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Luckily, WordPress has very good documentation:

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For these sorts of applications, when running on Linux, I have just created a symbolic link for the root directory in the past. Then when it is time to switch I just change where the symbolic link points.

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