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I have two question. First, Can someone help me with advice about how to limit and improve the CPU usage on the VMs (hyper-v)? Or maybe you have links about this topic. The other question is about how can I change dynamic VHDs to static VHDs?

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It seems from your question that you might be hoping that changing to fixed VHDs will meaninfully lower your CPU usage. I doubt that's the case. Go ahead and measure it, though. – Jake Oshins May 17 '10 at 16:19
You might want to concentrate on simply learning the basic capabilities of Hyper-V before you worry about best practices. – Chris S May 18 '10 at 1:48

On converting VHDS:

Click the Edit Disk action within Hyper-V Manager then select the dynamic VHD. On the Action screen, select the Convert option to make the dynamic VHD a fixed VHD. You should be prompted for a name for the fixed VHD. You'll need space as it copies the contents to a new disk.

For a beginning on best practices take a look at the ebook available here. as well as the infrastructure planning guide

Limiting CPU usage. See this article for details. In a nutshell you set limits under the processor tab.

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if this is r2 then download the newest best practice analyser from MS.

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