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I recently ran the Sharepoint Products and Technologies Wizard. I had hoped this would bring up Sharepoint and allow me to access it so I could begin to learn.

But it's not working.

Here is some data that I hope is relevant.

  1. I am doing all my testing on the SBS 2008 server itself.
  2. I changed the hostheader in IIS to reflect an external FQDN I plan to deploy.
  3. The SBS server is remote and there are no domain-connected workstations.
  4. If I browse "localhost" SSL, I can get to the site, albeit with a self-signed cert warning.
  5. If I attempt to connect via SSL using either the internal FQDN (.local), the External FQDN (.net) or any other permutation thereof, I am prompted for credentials three times but am not allowed access. My account is a domain admin.
  6. The site is inaccessible using port 80 whether using localhost, internal FQDN (.local), and external FQDN (.net)

Right now, I suspect my problem is within IIS, but I don't know.

My plan to publish the sharepoint site to the web so my partner and I can check documents in/out.

Can someone help me get started in a direction? At the moment, my head is ... not well.

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Can you get to the Central Administration ok? – Mike May 17 '10 at 20:30
Yes, I can. Interestingly, the Default Web Site main page seems to be borked in the same way. OWA, however, is working fine. – tcv May 17 '10 at 21:22

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