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When I run any svn command on my Mac, I get messages like the following:

$svn help
svn: Mismatched RA version for 'neon': found 1.6.2, expected 1.6.5

$svn checkout /some/repo
svn: Mismatched RA version for 'http': found 1.6.2 expected 1.6.5

What did I do, and how do I rectify this problem?

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Looks like not all of your SVN client was upgraded from 1.6.2 to 1.6.5 (namely the neon package, which is a HTTP/WebDav library).

A bit of a google on this, lead me to these instructions:

Check if you have neon by running:

which neon-config

If you have neon, a path to neon-config will be outputted. Everything before /bin/neon/config is your neon home directory.

The neon version needs to be 0.25.x or greater. Check the neon version with:

neon-config --version

If you have a suitible version of neon, make a note of the neon home directory for use in the last step, Install Subversion Itself.

If you don't have neon, or need to install a newer version, get a recent copy it from the WebDAV website in a .tar.gz archive. Install it with:

cd /research/oranfry/sources
tar -xzf /path/to/neon-X.X.X.tar.gz
cd neon-X.X.X
./configure --prefix=/research/oranfry/neon make make install

Remember the neon home directory. In my case it is /research/oranfry/neon.

(your milage may vary, be careful of paths)

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If you had installed the Subversion from Collabnet on your Mac, and are getting the above error, you're probably running svn installed with your Mac OS X. Try this command:

which svn

If you get /usr/bin/svn, that's the old version causing the error.

You need to add this line to ~/.bash_profile:

export PATH=/opt/subversion/bin/:$PATH

Log out, log in, and try the which command, it should point to the new version.

NOTE: The Collabnet installer says to put the export command into ~/.profile, however that doesn't seem to work.

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