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What are some good alternatives to the virtual private server company sliceshost? I would like a few alternates providers.

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This is newly useful now that slicehost is going away. –  John May 4 '11 at 19:59

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Linode are who I am with. They have very good pricing, good performance (google search "slicehost vs linode" for example) and a very active support community in the forums and IRC if you need help. Highly recommended!

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There are many, SolarVPS is very good for me.

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Have a look at OVH, they offer the RPS service which is essentially a diskless system connected to a large SAN. They also offer VPS style services as well.

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I saw that service some days ago, as I have a dedicated at OVH, and sounds good... Have you tried that? For 10 euros a month the basic system seems better than a VPS, you know you aren't sharing nothng but the space... could be nice for a OpenSocial app or a new site... –  Andor May 29 '09 at 9:32
You have a 100mbit connection that you share for net traffic and disk I/O to the SAN, so heavy I/O load reduces your net traffic and likewise reverse. It's a tradedown from a real dedicated machine but the flexibility allows OVH to reduce costs to a bare minimum. –  Andrew Williams May 30 '09 at 22:11

Webbynode - cheaper but not better than Slicehost.

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VPSNet (vps dot net)

I use Slicehost, tough, but a colleague of mine uses VPSNet and likes it.

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I use vpsFarm for one of my personal images. I chose it for the un-metered bandwidth.

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Network Redux has been awesome for me (and afforable)

networkredux dot com

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