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My web server is IIS7 running on Windows 2008 Web edition. There are nearly 40 modules when checked pre-installed "Modules". It also having "CgiModule and FastCgiModules". All the websites installed on this server purely runs with ASP.NET technology. Can I remove these two modules to improve performance?

Same way, my application uses "Forms Authentication" only. In such case can I delete "Windows Authentication and WindowsAuthenticationModule"?.

Also please suggest if any other modules can be deleted to improve performance.

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Removing unused modules should not noticeably affect your performance. It might reduce the potential attack surface for your server, so it is advisable to get rid of anything you aren't using.

Rather than getting rid of the modules at the IIS level though, go into Server Manager, and remove the Role Services associated with them. This will remove the modules and anything else that is related, and you can do it for all of the services you aren't using.

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