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When trying to run the Group policy I get the above message. (MMC could not create the snap-in) Several systems are affected, all WinXP with SP3 and latest updates.

Any ideas on how to get the editor back to working mode ?

I get a CLSID: {8FC0B734-A0E1-11D1-A7D3-0000F87571E3}

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Try adding


To your PATH in Environment Variables.

Here's the link

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thanks a lot !! solved my problem in an instant. Don't know how I missed it, after all I spent a whole day going through MS KB articles searching for this :-(, thanks again – Dror Cohen Apr 30 '09 at 19:30

Dror: You might have missed the KB article because it does not include the exact error message text "MMC could not create the snap-in"

It only mentions "Snap-in failed to initialize" (which, now, this topic does too).


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